A Blank Canvas
Can Change Everything

It has the power to unlock dormant creativity, can tap into a communities’ collective consciousness, enhance innovative problem-solving skills and provide a unique vantage point into the heart of the world.

Because we need it.

Paint the World is a new 501(c)3 dedicated to inspiring creative expression in individuals, organizations and communities by providing collaborative artistic experiences that enable participants to engage their creative minds. Increasing creative opportunities in communities is critical to success, and the data is there to back it up.

We’re only just beginning.

Black Rock City Black Rock City, Nevada
Standing Rock North Dakota
New York New York
Florence Italy
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Rabat Morocco
Date: August – September, 2015

Each day of Burning Man 2015, Paint the World’s founder, Bethany Halbreich, set up a blank canvas in Center Camp (the world’s largest temporary structure) to record the undercurrent of the art festival. Each day 40-50 people contributed to each canvas and inspired Bethany to launch Paint the World globally.

Date: February 2016

In February 2016, Paint the World partnered with Aki Sushi in Casco Viejo, the old quarter of Panama City, to host a night of celebrating creativity and collaborative painting.

Date: Spring 2016

Kalu Yala is a new village being built in a Panamanian river valley to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and modern day romantics. KY is reimagining what’s possible from life and designing an optimized model of living to share with the world. During their Spring semester, we strategically placed a number of blank wooden canvases around the Kalu Yala campus.

Date: August 2016

The Open Future Institute’s QUESTion Project offers a co-creative and adventurous educational space where students are empowered to pursue a meaningful life while addressing their own biggest questions. It provides a structure for students to learn and grow in important areas of their lives. Paint the World partnered with The QUESTion Project to host a collaborative painting workshop in Central Park for students to explore several question themes.

Date: September 2016

Each day of Burning Man 2016, Paint the World’s founder, Bethany Halbreich, set up a blank canvas in Center Camp (the world’s largest temporary structure) to record the undercurrent of the art festival.

Date: June 2016

Think Global School, the world’s first and only traveling high school, organized a large and long blank canvas for their guests to express their response to the school’s annual symposium.

Date: November 8, 2016

On Election Day 2016, we set up a collaborative blank canvas in Astor Place NYC to capture the population’s feelings towards the election.

Date: November 2016

In November 2016, Paint the World ventured to Oceti Sakowin Camp, a historic gathering of tribes, allies, and people from all walks of life standing in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline. We set up a blank canvas and partnered with a few artists of the Lakota Sioux tribe to produce several works of art reflecting their feelings towards the movement.

Date: December 2016

In December 2016, Paint the World founder, Bethany Halbreich, was invited to serve as a delegate to government-sponsored Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit in Kuala Lumpur. She joined a panel on creativity and presented on Paint the World in front of Malaysia’s political leaders.

Date: February 2017

In February 2017, Paint the World teamed up with THINK Global School again to set up a blank canvas for the 10th graders to reflect on their experience in meditation class thus far.

What fuels brilliance?

Paint the World plays a critical role in accelerating the creative capacities of communities around the world. Bethany Halbreich, founder of PTW, talks about it in her recent TED talk:

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