Step No. 01

A community is identified

Step No. 02

A local liaison is identified

Step No. 03

Blank canvases are installed

Step No. 04

Watch the magic happen

Then what?

Step No. 05

Study: A panel of art analysts are brought together to analyze the meaning behind a community’s collective work.

Step No. 06

Sell the finished collaborative pieces.

Step No. 07

Reinvest the funds to create additional semi-permanent blank canvas set-ups within the community.

In Communities

We are continuously working to identify communities who might greatly benefit from several semi-permanent blank canvas installations. Please reach out to us if you believe your community is a strong candidate.

blank canvases
people impacted

In Schools

Help us bring Paint the World to the schools identified in these communities. These schools do not have art programs and are in areas with little access to tools that foster creativity.

We are currently working with the New York State Department of Education to bring Paint the World to schools in New York, but we need more help to make it happen. If you’d like to get involved, please email

In Companies

When a company installs a Paint the World blank canvas installation, they sponsor a semi-permanent collaborative installation in a community of their choice. If you are interested in installing a collaborative blank canvas in your office, please reach out to us. We’d be thrilled to make it happen!