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01 PTW Ambassador Kick-off Presentation: If you have been on an ambassador group call or have had a 1:1 with Bethany, you will recognize this one! It's the ambassador welcome presentation.

02 PTW One Pager: This one page PDF provides an overview of Paint the World and it's current programs. If someone asks for more information, download this and send it.

03 Material Options: This document outlines the materials that are usually necessary in a collaborative blank canvas set up. It's currently in rands (South African currency), but can easily be converted to any other currency). Plan on at least $150 for each blank canvas set up, and remember that - if you plan on having more than 2, a laser-cut version (05) is more cost-effective.

04 Set Up Options: Of course, this is highly dependent on location, but these are just a few examples!

05 Laser Cut Collaborative Canvas Frame: If you would like to acquire more than 2 blank canvas set-ups, or have encountered large interest in having blank canvas set ups, this is the best option. It is a custom-designed laser-cut collaborative canvas frame that Paint the World has worked to design and produce. The design in the PDF is an example of what can be done; however, the size and color of the canvas frame are customizable. It is even possible to engrave the colored acrylic material with a logo or to line the perimeter of the canvas frame with LED lights for events. Please schedule a 1:1 meeting with Bethany to discuss the possibilities.

06 Email Templates: There are three email templates here and they all solely serve as examples. The first is a template to send to local establishments, or wherever you'd like to place a blank canvas, the second is a template to send to local restaurants/bars/cafes where you envision hosting an event to display the finished collaborative pieces, and the third is a template you can use to reach out to local press about any of your events. Either copy/paste these into emails or "duplicate" the document, edit it, print it and hand-deliver! These are very rough examples.. please insert your own words!

07 Sample Additional Materials: These are some additional materials that we have used to increase engagement in a corporate setting (you'll see that the example used is an impact engineering firm based in South Africa called Zutari). However, materials like this could be used in any setting! 

Slack Bethany or email her at

These are all of Paint the World's pages on social. Naturally, as Paint the World is a heavily visual organization, instagram is the most product to engage with (it is the most populated and active). However, as we're growing towards other platforms well, please follow and post on all channels!

Below are some example materials that can be purchased to build your set-up. Usually, one PTW collaborative canvas will cost no more than $150, but if you would like an exact number before you begin fundraising, put your cart together.

If you are a current Paint the World Ambassador and you have misplaced the Ambassador Portal web address, please reach out to

 If you would like to become a Paint the World Ambassador, please learn more here.