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In Spring of 2024, Paint the World partnered with hospitals in Northern Arizona to offer arts workshops for their ER staff (read more here). We observed that the more successful workshops (higher rates of attendance, greater display of appreciation and need) were the hospitals in the more rural areas. Thus began our curiosity to conduct the research outlined on this page. We set out to understand where in the US our efforts and resources would be most effective.

To do so, we sought to understand where the most rural areas in the US are, which areas in the US receive the least amount of arts funding (both public and private), which receive the most, and which areas in the US are considered medical deserts. We hypothesized that if we overlay these findings with the socioeconomic data of these areas, we can deduce where our efforts would be best suited. You can observe our hypothesis in action by scrolling down to the last map "Percentage of GDP Dedicated to the Arts"; thankfully, the data suggests that the state most suited for our Art in the ER Program at this time is Arizona -- the state that we began with!

Population living outside of urban areaS

This data measures the number of people living in areas classified as rural. This is typically derived by subtracting the urban population from the total population.

Total amount of arts funding received

This dataset measures the total amount of financial support allocated to the arts sector in each States. The key items measured to obtain this data include Government funding, Private donations, Grants and Awards, Sponsorships, Endowments,  Fundraising and other contributions.

Arts funding allocated per person

The data measures the amount of arts funding allocated on a per capita basis, indicating the average financial support for the arts received per person in a given population. The key items measured to obtain this data include the overall financial support allocated to the arts sector from various sources, including government funding, private donations, grants, sponsorships, and other contributions.

Accessibility to healthcare Ranking

This data measures the relative accessibility of healthcare services across different states, providing a ranking based on factors such as healthcare coverage, availability of services, affordability, and quality of care. 

Quality of healthcare ranking

This dataset presents a ranking of healthcare quality across different states, assessing the performance of healthcare systems based on various indicators related to patient outcomes, safety, effectiveness, and patient-centered care. The key items measured to obtain this data include Medicare quality, hospital quality, nursing home quality, and the rate of preventable hospital admissions. Additionally, health care quality is interconnected with health care access and a state's public health outcomes, forming integral components of the evaluation process to determine the best states for health care.

Economic opportunity ranking

This dataset ranks economic opportunity across different states, assessing potential for upward mobility, job growth, income equality, and overall prosperity. Key items measured include the state's poverty rate, food insecurity prevalence, median household income, and income inequality. These metrics provide insights into employment opportunities, socio-economic stability, and overall population health, offering a comprehensive view of each state's economic landscape.

Percentage of GDP dedicated to the Arts

This data measures the proportion of a state's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that is allocated to the arts sector. The key item measured to obtain this data is the Total Arts Funding: the total financial resources allocated to the arts, including public spending by government agencies at various levels (federal, state, local), private sector contributions, and individual donations.

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