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From the dawn of humanity, the concept of birth has held the ultimate significance as it marks our closest experience to creation and therefore — what many civilizations have believed — is our closest means of understanding life itself. It has thus been used in numerous artistic expressions, whether through references to actual childbirth or the metaphoric use of the concept in conveying new beginnings.

March 27, 2022

Birth in Art: The Significance of the Birth Motif in Art, both Past and Present

Symbols Series

An ancient theme within many mythologies, the concept of rebirth and resurrection has been a prominent motif in the art world for centuries. The idea of coming back from the dead is not only found in religion, but also features prominently in Greek mythology where it is used as a literary technique to illustrate the concept that life goes on after death.

Symbols Series

Rebirth & Renewal in the Art World: The motif’s significance, from ancient to modern art

February 15, 2022

Transcending time and space, changing forms from culture to culture, the essence of the “Mother” archetype has undoubtedly remained intact. In Carl Jung’s analytical psychology, the primordial image of the generative and sustaining mother figure that has occurred repeatedly in various cultural concepts and myths since ancient times is sustained within the collective unconscious.

February 3, 2022

The Archetype That Contains All Else: The Mother Archetype & Its Significance in the Art World

Symbols Series

Our inner and outer aesthetic is made up of powerful archetypes that strategically appear in our lives over and over again. According to Dr. Carol S. Pearson, archetypes represent patterns, and patterns represent predictability. Jungian psychology centers largely around the concept of archetypes and how they play out in our lives.

Symbols Series

An Introduction to Paint the World’s Symbols Series: Why are we doing this?

January 25, 2022

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